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Jicin, the hometown of Rumcajs

When I was small, I used to spent a summer break in one of the Czech cities or towns, usually with my family. Once, we decided to visit Jicin, the small town approximately 85 km/53 miles northeast of Prague, the capital. For many Czechs, the town is best known for being a hometown of a popular fairy-tale character Rumcajs. Since I was still small and into those things, we visited that town for a few days.



About the town

Jicin is a picturesque, historical, but also modern and dynamic town with a population of 17 thousand. Its nickname is the Gate to the Czech Paradise. Due to great natural and climatic advantages of countryside of Jicin and its surroundings, this area has been occupied for more than 8.000 years. What makes Jicin unique is that it is part of a sophisticated Baroque landscape composition, designed also at the time of Albrecht of Valdstejn around 1620. The Festival Jičín-Město pohádek (Town of Fairy Tales), held in mid-September, is the reason why Jičín is rightfully called a fairy-tale town. More about the history andthe town in general, click here.




When traveling to Jicin, you should visit Jicin’ s Tower. You won’ t forget the view of that tower.



The next stop should be at Rumcajsova sevcovna. It’ s a museum of a character Rumcajs named above. In the fairy-tale, Rumcajs used to live under the Jicin’s Tower – nowadays it’s called Rumcajsova sevcovna. Before he left to the Wood Raholec, he had worked as a craftsman/shoemaker, in his house right under that Jicin’s Tower. In the forest he became a highwayman and the Lord of the Woods. He had a wife Manka and a son Cypisek. There are so many stories about this man and his family in books as well as on TV.



We also didn’t miss a Chateau Jicin. It is one of the largest early-Baroque chateau in the Czech Republic and a significant dominant element of the urban preserve of Jicin.



For museum fans, there is also a Jicin’s museum.

If you want to explore the surrounding of Jicin, you should go for a trip to nearby Belveder.

We used to walk down the streets at nights, just enjoying the atmosphere of the town and at the end, we ended up in a restaurant for a late dinner.



From my experience, I can recommend you Hotel Jicin. It’s a 3-star hotel, located in the city center. The staff was quite unhelpful but other things were perfect. The room looked amazing, everything was clean. Breakfast was served as a buffet and there were so many meals to choose from. Warm as well as cold dishes, sweet, salty or sour, let’s say everything you can think about. The location couln’ t be better and the view of the whole town and its countryside was also worthwhile. However, if you want to choose the hotel on your own, here is a website that can help you.



If you do decide to stay in this hotel, I can give you some tips now. The hotel has its own restaurant called U delove koule. It’ s situated right down on the ground floor of the hotel. If you want to taste specialties, let’ s say something more quality than a burger for 5$, this is the right place for you. Although the dishes are quite expensive, you won’t regret. Here is the current menu.




When I and my family travel, we usually use a public transportation. I think, if you want to enjoy your trip deeply, you should go and explore everything on your own, rather than sit in your car, turn on a GPS and go. What’s more, during your journey, you can experience so many unforgettable things and meet so many people, which you can’t experience in your car. So, there are my tips. If you are heading Jicin from any direction in the Czech Republic, use this page to search for the best connection. It contains everything, trains, buses, and public transportation in every town. Of course, you have to get to the Czech Republic before you use that page.


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